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This is a picture of one of Cozy’s earliest bands he was in, “Ace Kefford Stand”.  This band later morphed into “The Move”, and later on than that ELO.  This photo was taken in 1968.

In the photo: Dave Ball, Dennis Ball, Ace Kefford, & Cozy Powell (front).



  1. 7-9-2012

    Nice photo, but the comment is not what you’d call accurate. Ace Kefford formed this band after he left The Move, recruiting the other members (including Cozy) from Youngblood. It was several years later that Jeff Lynne joined The Move and it “morphed” into ELO. The people in this photograph had no real connection with that.

  2. 12-12-2013

    Just a few lines for your readers regarding Cozy’s association with ex-Move bassist Christopher John “Ace” Kefford. In 1968 Kefford left The Move due to him not being allowed to add his song writing creativity to the bands output. Roy Wood being the sole songwriter for the Move. That year Ace started working on his debut solo album, future “Led Zeppelin” guitarist Jimmy Page played on the album as a session artist and it was produced by Tony Visconti. During the recording sessions Kefford walked out of the studio and abandoned the project. Over the years the unfinished tapes were thought to have been lost forever. Finally the tapes were found and after being finished by Kefford and remastered they were released on cd as “Ace the Face” in 2003, The cd included bonus tracks by:- Ace Kefford Stand, Big Bertha, The Lemon Tree & Rockstar. Later in 1968 Kefford formed The Ace Kefford Stand and recruited Cozy Powell as the drummer, In 1969 due to Kefford’s illness he disbanded The Ace Kefford Stand, the remaining band members, Cozy Powell, Dave Ball & Denny Ball formed the power trio “Big Bertha”. This band recorded a fine live set entitled “Live in Hamburg 1970”. The live recording was released as a 2cd set in 2004 on the Majestik Rock label. Between 1970 and 1972 Cozy was the drummer for “The Jeff Beck Group”. In 1972 the Ball/Powell/Ball lineup reunited and recruited vocalist Frank Aiello to became Bedlam. Bedlam recorded a fine self titled album which was produced by Felix Pappalardi, “Mountain” bassist and “Cream” producer. In Oct 1973 they recorded an excellent live album “Live in London 1973”. Both Bedlam albums have been released on cd, The studio album on the “Zoom” label and the live album on the “Majestik Rock” label. In 1974 Cozy went on have a couple of hit singles and formed “Cozy Powell’s Hammer, the rest as they say is history. I hope this information is of use to your readers. David MacGregor.

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