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Between Hammer breaking up and joining Rainbow, Cozy spent some months as a saloon-car race driver, driving Mazda cars sponsored by Hitachi. He also raced in ‘celebrity’ races with other musicians, DJs etc, and this is a shot of him after winning one of these races.


  1. 2-23-2015

    Just a short note to say this man was a dream to work with, a great saloon car driver in the old Rotary RX3 Mazdas. The Radio One Championship was a two year whirlwind – the biggest race attendances at Club Racing probably never to be seen again. A combination of Disc Jockeys and Pop stars with free National promotion on the only pop radio station was a huge coup by John Webb who owned the circuits in those days. Cozy Powell was just a nice bloke – a good friend – and sorely missed.

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