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This is one of Cozy’s drum kits that sits in the studio at Tony Iommi’s house.  The picture was taken on June 28th, 2011.

This is the same drum kit that was used when Vinny Appice had to record the three new tracks for the 2006 compilation, “Black Sabbath: The Dio Years”.  It was done rather in a hurry, which is why Vinny used Cozy’s kit here as opposed to his own equipment.


  1. 11-6-2011

    i hope this will not be erased again! fantastic! see this drum kit here and think that Cozy have played many jams sessions whith Iommi! Ok man, go ahead with this website and keep the memory of greatest drummer of world: Cozy Powell! My name is Raoni, I’m from Brazil!

  2. 2-22-2012

    The greatest ever! Period.

    • 2-11-2014

      Hell yeah!! R.I.P., your memory will forever be kept alive by your fans! God bless “Cozy” !

  3. 2-22-2012

    Saw Cozy Poweel at the age of 17 with Rainbow in Holland. In 1983 with Whitesnake in Brussels. Great!

  4. 2-22-2012

    Saw Cozy Powell with Rainbow in Holland. I was 17 back then. It was in 1977 in The Hague. In 1983 With Whitesnake in Brussels. Fantastic!

  5. 6-7-2012

    i saw cozy in 1984 in the sfx hall in dublin ireland
    he was with whitesnake and it made me want to play
    drums even more when i saw him,ive been playing ever
    the most amazing drummer i have ever seen live
    may god rest him.

  6. 6-19-2012

    Hey Joel,
    Good to see that you still have the site, and with the advent of this new film/documentary on Cozy maybe you will get alot more people visiting the site. By the way can you post or add Cozy’s various drum kit/cymbal set up’s?
    They vary from Jeff Beck/Hammer to Rainbow/MSG/Whitesnake to Sabbath, ELP, Brian May, and even Peter Green, etc..all various sizes, makes and especially cymbal set ups.That would be cool!!

    Cheers Joel.
    Luck with the site, as always

  7. 7-26-2014

    I saw him at the Birmingham Odeon with Whitesnake and he thundered his way through the finale of the 1812 overture. You just won’t see that again.

  8. 12-26-2014

    I saw Cozy with Rainbow at the Baltimore Civic Center on the “Down To Earth” tour in 1979. Rainbow was the support band for Blue Oyster Cult, but I was there to see Rainbow. Rainbow was great and Cozy didn’t disappoint hammering away on his kit. Cozy was THE MAN.

  9. 2-9-2017

    What a man – such a simple set up – no BS for BS 🙂 Love him…

  10. 4-11-2017

    I saw cozy play at wilbarston village hall community centre near market harborough with peter green who was staging a comeback.we were amazed to see cozy at such a small gig.I believe the keyboard player was from another famous band possibly white snake but am not sure.cozy was brilliant as usual.beat that folks.

  11. 5-24-2017

    I have a Paiste 22″ Rude crash cymbal owned and used by Cozy. It was auctioned off by his estate shortly after his passing.

    Looking to sell here’s a link with the image and details:

  12. 5-13-2018

    Здравствуйте! Cozy Powell was born in Cirencester , Gloucestershire and was adopted. He never met his birth parents.

  13. 10-25-2018

    RAK rocked the UK many decades ago with an amazing live concert tour which included Suzi Quatro, ACE and the awesome Cozy Powell.
    It was an amazing event held at the Glasgow Apollo, and still fondly remembered!

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