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Cozy’s appearance on the track “Resurrection” from the criminally under appreciated Brian May solo album, “Back to the Light“.


  1. 8-30-2011

    Wonderful.. wonderful! Great revamp of Cozy’s site. I’m a great fan and I do appreciate it, very much! Looking at him playing is always an experience! God bless him.

  2. 10-31-2011

    along with Cozy, Brian one of my fav.

  3. 2-4-2012

    The Music world misses you & your awesome style of drumming Cozy.

  4. 3-7-2012

    Questo è il brano che rappresenta meglio il suo talento. Non sarò mai bravo come te Cozy. Tu vivrai sempre. God bless you. Marcello – Italy.

  5. 5-22-2012

    cozy powell dance with the devil simply the best im 60 and still love playing dance with the devil at full volume fantastic wish he was still here rip

  6. 11-18-2013

    sorry about cozy. Never saw the guy perform but i’m sure he was a special and talented person who shone so bright when he was alive. RIP Cozy!

  7. 4-5-2014

    Cozy what a drummer sadly missed

  8. 2-2-2016

    Was the best drummer in the world still play his music never get fed up of it

  9. 2-2-2016

    Was the best in the world

  10. 8-11-2016

    One of my all time favorite songs. I was lucky that I got to see Cozy play with Brian May. Cozy is so underrated. Powerful drum player.

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