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This is a photo taken on May 10, 2000.   It was taken at an auction of some of Cozy Powell’s personal effects.

In picture L-R:  Denny Ball, Neil Murray, Don Airey.


  1. 3-10-2012

    I met Cozy with Blackmore’s Rainbow in 1978. Was his drumstick necklace in the auction?

  2. 9-13-2013

    Needed to say what an inspirational drummer he was to me, when I was first starting off in the 70s. And I am still playing and enjoying it to this day, cheers Cozy Tish Tish da dum.

  3. 1-17-2014

    I have a Set of Bass Drum Heads from Yamaha Europe. It was a gift from a Product Manager to me because i´m a great Fan of Cozy. Can i send you Pictures ? (Sorry for my English)

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