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Apparently, there’s an all new Cozy Powell documentary under production.   It’s just started, so it won’t be out for awhile yet, but, there is a teaser trailer available.  It’s embedded below.   Once we get closer to release, there will be more to say here.

A documentary feature uncovering and celebrating the life and work of one of Britain’s most acknowledged and respected hard rock drummers of all time, Cozy Powell.

Featuring exclusive and extensive interviews with family, friends, work associates and fans, inbetween various archival footage, “Dance with the Devil – The Cozy Powell Story” will be an essential, in-depth and personal account of the man who, from humble beginnings, would go on to play an essential part in British and American rock drumming by playing in and alongside multiple bands and solo artists including Jeff Beck, Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath and Brian May, as well as his own solo recordings including his signature instrumental “Dance With The Devil”, up until his tragic death in 1998.





  1. 2-22-2012

    Cozy plaid on the first Phenomena album recorded at the Roundhouse Studios in Camden. The album is still out and we hi,d the original recording tracks, together with some so far unused tacks.

  2. 5-7-2012

    Por fin!!! Una biografia en imagenes para reconocer la grandeza de este gran musico.Para mi es mi gran heroe,yo tambien toco la bateria y fue gracias a el.Siempre lo llevo en la memoria y en el corazon.Gracias Cozy por lo que nos has dado a miles de fans en todo el mundo.God save Cozy and Rock and Roll. From Granada (Spain).

  3. 7-31-2012

    So pleased there is a documentary being made about Cozy Powell,my favourite drummer,a real nailer! god bless you Cozy where ever you are,everytime there is Thunder i think of you and your Thunderous bass drums.

  4. 12-23-2012

    any news on this loved cozy powell

  5. 1-12-2013

    Many thanks mate,I sincerely hope the film is going well and eagerly anticipate the release! COZY POWELL in drums!

  6. 4-7-2013

    Can’t wait for the documentary. I showed my son all the You Tube Video’s and he’s heard the Emerson, Lake & Powell Album. I saw him live in ’86 with Emerson, Lake at Massey Hall in Toronto. The drum solo he did during Mars was just awesome.

  7. 4-30-2013

    So excited to see a cut. I am a drummer and a post production professional and would offer any services just to be involved in this project. My first album I purchased with Cozy on it was Rainbow “Long Live Rock And Roll”. Been a fan ever since. If you need any post help feel free to contact. April is Cozy month in my house and in my heart.

  8. 7-17-2013

    shortly after Cozy’s death my Wife found out that she was pregnant , When a boy arrived in aug 99 we decided to call him cozy after the great man ans now almost 14 years later the name cozy lives on in our son.

  9. 10-7-2013

    LOVE Cozy Powell. Ever since a little kid been a big Cozy fan and I’m not a drummer but his he beats and his style always excited me.

    Is this film completed? Is it out yet? Would definitely love to see it. Cozy was one of the greatest – I love his work with Rainbow, Black Sabbath and especially with Gary Moore.


  10. 10-2-2014

    one of the best drummers every and a very good friend so down to earth I think the commemorative plaque is such a great idea cozy you are so missed in the rock world

  11. 10-4-2014

    I have met the great man, and it was one of the highlghts of my life. I have bored my friends to death with the story of how after a gig in Aberdeen I got to meet this legend but he was awesome. Great Bloke, legend of a drummer

  12. 12-17-2014

    Hello ,

    Will there be a Cozy Powell ” Store”. I would like to see and be able to purchase hi quality photos, posters etc.
    He has had such a remarkable career.
    Also I saw a clip on the BBC where Mr.Powell gave awY some items and did a drum duet with a young man at the age of 9 years old. Is there any information on that boy today?
    If you put his movie on Kickstarter, I would love to participate . Thanks

  13. 3-5-2017

    We lost Frederick Lea on boxing day so I am the only member of the original band, The Corals, still around.
    To clarify one thing…There have been various versions of how Cozy got his name. We were originally called The Caravelles. Then one practice night two girl vocalists were brought to sing with us. A very distinctive style but not rock n roll. Next thing we knew The Caravelles, as they were, had a bit record, You don’t have to be a baby to cry, and we had to find a new name.
    Looking through the charts which Cozy used to cut out from NME and pin to his bulletin board, we noted a record by Cozy Cole, The big noise from Winnetka, which was recorded on the Coral record label.
    That was where the name The Corals came from and I started calling Cozy by that name as a nickname. It stuck and he added Powell which was his adoptive Mums maiden name.

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