Cozy Powell Documentary Under Production

Posted on Nov 17, 2011 | 16 comments

Apparently, there’s an all new Cozy Powell documentary under production.   It’s just started, so it won’t be out for awhile yet, but, there is a teaser trailer available.  It’s embedded below.   Once we get closer to release, there will be more to say here. A documentary feature uncovering and celebrating the life and work of one of Britain’s most acknowledged and respected hard rock drummers of all time, Cozy Powell. Featuring exclusive and extensive interviews with family, friends, work associates and fans, inbetween various archival footage, “Dance with...

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New Site Revamp

Posted on Aug 8, 2011 | 9 comments

Hello gang.   After quite a long time, I’ve decided to clean off the dust on the Cozy Powell website, and slap on a fresh coat of paint. I originally started this site in the fall of 1997 with Cozy himself.  We launched it in December of 1997, and it stayed that way for quite some time past hisdeath.  I finally revamped it in 2006 again, but I felt it was time to give it a better look, so I got all the content converted over to the new layout you can see now.   There’s been a few changes: You can now leave comments on the news stories here, or on the albums in the...

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Cozy & Livewire

Posted on Jun 27, 2011 | 2 comments

I was just sent this email from Andy Rance at the Livewire, who had contacted Tony Iommi’s manager regarding Cozy… Livewire, our music charity, has just received a donation of Cozy Powell’s custom Gold and Black drum kit, this kit was used amongst other things with Black Sabbath (headless Cross) and Cozy’s work with Brian May, it was donated at Livewire to help inspire young musicians, I’m currently trying to collate a few memories of people who played with Cozy which we can put up on a display behind his kit.  The drum kit will be available to the public to look at...

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In Remembrance of Cozy

Posted on Apr 5, 2008 | 0 comments

The reason for this intro is that today (April 5th) is the 10th anniversary of the death of Cozy Powell. He died on April 5, 1998 in a car crash, and it still seems odd to me. Now I know my place in the world. I run the Sabbath site, I do the newsletter, but to this day it still surprises me that in 1997 I get a phone call at my desk from Cozy Powell in England asking me if I’d want to do a website for him. I’d been working for Bill Ward briefly at that time, but I sought out Bill. Cozy sought me out. That was quite the surprise. We didn’t get to work long before he died,...

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New Cozy Powell Tribute

Posted on Mar 19, 2007 | 0 comments

Got this in the mail the other day from someone who apparently has organized a new Cozy Powell Tribute, which will happen in May. UPDATE: This is now not happening in May, but will happen at an as of yet undetermined date in September.

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Cozy Powell Videos

Posted on Jan 23, 2007 | 0 comments

Sometime over the holiday season, I noticed the following video up on Youtube. It’s a video of Cozy Powell playing drums in the Jeff Beck Group on the song “Definitely Maybe”. I also decided to add some videos of Cozy’s playing which I found on Youtube to the sounds page. Probably should rename it to videos page, but it still somewhat applies. 🙂 I anded up adding quite a lot, from Rainbow, to Jeff Beck, to Black Sabbath, Whitesnake, ELP, etc… Go check out the sounds page for several Cozy Powell videos!

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Site Revamp

Posted on Aug 8, 2006 | 0 comments

As you can see, it’s been nearly four years since I last updated anything on this website. In fact, this page doesn’t really qualify as “news” anymore because of that. However… As I’ve said before, this site does mean something to me personally as Cozy Powell sought me out to do it. In August of 2006 roughly nine years after Cozy first approached me, I felt the time was right to change the look a bit. What was here was terribly stale and out of date, and while I’m not offering much in the way of new information here, I did want to make the info...

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Various Items

Posted on Nov 20, 2002 | 0 comments

About the Site Once again it’s been far too long since I updated this site, but I wanted to thank the folks who were generous in helping out to pay for the domain registration. It doesn’t seem like it that Cozy has been gone now for over four years -but it has. I wish to thank him again for seeking me out to help establish a web presence. Unfortunately Cozy left us before we could really ramp it up (Cozy had some big plans for video and audio files and the like), but I keep it going as it was because this is what Cozy and I had done together. It isn’t much, I admit –...

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Not a Huge Update

Posted on Nov 14, 2001 | 0 comments

It’s been a hellaciously long time since I’ve done anything to the web site. Quite honestly, there’s not much to talk about. As much as we all miss Cozy, there’s little to discuss in the way of new events. If anyone has any materials they’d like to contribute, let me know – I’ll be glad to take a look at them. I do not intend on taking this web site down, mostly as I’ve received funding which will allow it to stay. For awhile there, I thought it might have to go, but Bill Ward has graciously stepped in and funded the hosting of this web site, so...

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Cozy Powell Site Moving

Posted on Jan 5, 2000 | 0 comments

When I first set up this web site with Cozy Powell, we had a one year agreement for its existence. Unfortunately, Cozy left us during that year, and the fees that were incurred from the web host were graciously picked up for another year by a few of Cozy’s friends. However, that ran out on December 31, 1999. As we move into 2000, I find I can no longer pay for the domain myself out of my own pocket (I’m not rich here). Anyway, I did not want the site to die because I could no longer afford to pay it. I had two choices. I could either come to you, the site visitor to help pay for...

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