Cozy Powell Tribute Concert Report

Posted on May 14, 1999 | 0 comments

Earlier this year, there was a Cozy Powell Tribute concert where several musicians and friends of Cozy gathered to remember him and play some of his music. One of Cozy’s closest friends, Brian May who played with Cozy in many bands, including Whitesnake & Black Sabbath. Here’s a few of Neil’s remarks about the concert itself. Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 17:39:24 -0500 From: Neil Murray (address withheld) Subject: Cozy Powell Tribute To: Joe Siegler <> It’s hard for me to give a review, though it all went pretty well. It was a shame that Brian...

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Cozy Powell’s Final Work

Posted on Mar 27, 1999 | 0 comments

There’s been some discussion as to what was actually Cozy Powell’s final work. I quiered a friend of his, Don Airey about this, and this is what Don had to say… From: “Donald Airey” <email withheld> To: “Joe Siegler” <> Subject: Fw: (Fwd) Re: Cozy’s last work Date sent: Thu, 18 Mar 1999 12:18:22 -0600 Copy of e-mail sent in June. Cozy’s girlfriend Shari Reeve confirmed that the Colin Blunstone sessions were Cozy’s last work. If you don’t know, Colin was the lead singer of the Zombies in the...

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Cozy Powell Tribute Concert

Posted on Mar 26, 1999 | 0 comments

I received this Email from Neil Murray a few days ago regarding details of the Cozy Powell Tribute Concert on May 1st in Buxton, Derbyshire UK (about 30 miles SE of Manchester)… From: Neil Murray (email withheld) Date sent: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 03:37:42 -0600 To: Subject: Re: tribute concert Hi Joe! I’m in the process of organising part of the lineup and the song list for the Cozy Powell Tribute at Buxton Opera House on May 1st. At the moment, the band looks like this: Tony Martin Vocals (Black Sabbath) Don Airey Keyboards (Rainbow) Neil Murray Bass Mike Casswell...

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Various Bits

Posted on Dec 18, 1998 | 0 comments

Cozy’s Final Studio Album Released Cozy’s fifth studio solo album entitled “Especially For You” (also Twin Oaks) is out in Japan. It was recorded in 1994/1995, and some more tracks were intended to be put on it, but (for obvious reasons) they were not. Cozy’s Drum Tech with Black Sabbath Cozy’s drum tech, Eddie Naughton, will be out on tour with Black Sabbath as Tony Iommi’s Personal Assistant. Cozy’s Drum Kit to the Hall of Fame Cozy’s drum kit is going to Yamaha for a display, and after that, they’re on to the Rock & Roll Hall...

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Site Remark from Joe

Posted on Nov 13, 1998 | 0 comments

When I started the site with Cozy Powell in the fall of 1997, our original deal was for one year, and that year was due to expire at the end of November in 1998. Obviously, since Cozy is unfortunately no longer with us, he would be unable to continue the maintenance of the site. Fortunately, Brian May & Neil Murray have gotten together and agreed to cover the costs for the running of this site, so it won’t disappear. Big thanks go out to Brian & Neil for keeping Cozy’s site going! UPDATE Dec 14: I had erroneously left out Eddie Naughton (Cozy’s drum tech). He helped...

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Brian May Press Release

Posted on May 12, 1998 | 0 comments

May 12th 1998 – The Press Release BRIAN MAY”Another World” New Solo Album due 1st June, 1998 With a musical career spanning almost three decades, Queen founding member Brian May has earned himself a place in rock history as one of the most accomplished and talented contemporary guitarists. Respected and admired by fans and fellow musicians alike, his influence on a new generation of musicians – from Guns N’ Roses’ Slash to the Foo Fighters – is a tribute to his unique style and musicianship. He is also one of the most successful songwriters of his...

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VH1 Cozy Powell Tribute

Posted on Apr 24, 1998 | 0 comments

On April 24th, 1998, VH-1 ran a tribute (VH-1 in Europe only – naturally the States didn’t get it). Here’s some notes from Brian about the Tribute: Running List of Songs… Here I Go Again – Whitesnake Headless Cross – Black Sabbath Ready For Love – Gary Moore Long Live Rock N Roll – Rainbow Since You Been Gone – Rainbow Driven By You – Brian May Band Feels Good To Me – Black Sabbath Green Manalishi – Peter Green Splinter Group Albatross – PGSG Homework – PGSG Each song was followed by a tribute or two from...

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Cozy Powell has Died

Posted on Apr 6, 1998 | 1 comment

Cozy Powell has died in a car crash on April 5th, 1998. For the latest, please see the Tributes page, as that’s the one I’ll be updating the most.

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Cozy Rehearsing

Posted on Mar 1, 1998 | 0 comments

Cozy is now in the USA rehearsing with Yngwie Malmsteen for the April / May Japanese tour. After a short break in May, there should be more news about dates for the rest of the world. There is a possible Brian May tour at the end of the year that Cozy might be involved in.

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Various Bits

Posted on Feb 1, 1998 | 0 comments

Yngwie Malmsteen Yngwie has just had a new album released in Japan titled Facing The Animal (Canyon Int PCCY01154), on which Cozy Powell appears. Cozy is now preparing (ie: in the gym) for an extensive tour in the new year. A world-wide release is being negotiated for the new year, but the Japanese release will have one extra ‘bonus’ track over these. Cozy has been approached to participate in the tour, which will coincide with the album’s release. Brian May The former Queen guitarist, with whom Cozy (and Neil Murray) has already recorded two albums, has another solo album...

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