The Drums are Back

Cozy’s first solo album in quite a long time is 1992’s, “The Drums are Back”.   It’s got a ton of people on it.   Moreso than any other Powell solo album.

Guitars: Steve Makin, Brian May, Steve Lukater, Jamie Page, Ray Fenwick
Bass: Neil Murray, Billy Sheehan, Laurence Cottle, John Deacon, Steve Makin
Keyboards: Geoff Nicholls, Don Airey, John Sinclair, Jon Lord, Jeff Francis, Ray Fenwick
Vocals: Gerry Lane (just two tracks)

Track 2 is “Ride to Live”, and is the track that Brian May plays on.  Brian must have loved this track, as he used it on his own solo album a couple of years later.  Brian added lyrics to it, and sang it.  On that album, the song is called “Resurrection”, but is the same music.

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