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Yngwie Malmsteen

Yngwie has just had a new album released in Japan titled Facing The Animal (Canyon Int PCCY01154), on which Cozy Powell appears. Cozy is now preparing (ie: in the gym) for an extensive tour in the new year. A world-wide release is being negotiated for the new year, but the Japanese release will have one extra ‘bonus’ track over these. Cozy has been approached to participate in the tour, which will coincide with the album’s release.

Brian May

The former Queen guitarist, with whom Cozy (and Neil Murray) has already recorded two albums, has another solo album due out around May of 1998. Cozy has worked on a few tracks which sound absolutely amazing, and a bit heavier than May’s previous work. There’s even a guest appearance from guitar Wizard Jeff Beck. Cozy’s part on the tour next summer is to be confirmed.

Peter Green

Cozy has now left the Splinter Group, the band that brought the legendary Fleetwood Mac guitarist back to the limelight. The was after a bout of touring and the release of a live album, and was yet another project on which Cozy worked with bassist Neil Murray.

Best of SOLO

Polydor have recently released a ‘Best of Cozy Powell’, which features tracks from his 1st three solo albums Over the Top, Tilt, & Octopuss. It is the first time tracks from Over the Top have appeared on CD in the UK. At the same time, a Very Best of Rainbow has also been issued.

Rainbow Reunion

Cozy Powell has been approached about a Rainbow reformation with Ronnie Dio and Ritchie Blackmore. This could either be the classic Rising lineup (with Jimmy Bain & Tony Carey) or Long Live Rock’N’Roll (David Stone & Bob Daisley). Both Jimmy & Bob have been active in the rock world, while little has been hear from David Stone. More news on the reformation as it comes in.

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