Another World

The first album featuring Cozy to be released after he died (actually on June 1st), this was the second of the two 1990’s Brian May solo albums.   As with “Back to the Light”, this one is CRIMINALLY UNDERAPPRECIATED.  I mean if you don’t own this, and you’re reading this site, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Some reports have said that Brian May used sound samples of Cozy’s drumming as he died while the album was still being worked on.  Neil Murray disputes this saying thusly,

No, that’s totally incorrect. There are various different drummers on the album, as well as sampled drums programmed by Brian and his assistants, but the tracks which Cozy played on were recorded quite a long time before he died. Brian worked on the Another World album for 3 or 4 years leading up to its release in 1998.

There was also a CD single released of the track “The Business“, which was in tribute to Cozy.

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