Cozy Powell Tribute Concert

I received this Email from Neil Murray a few days ago regarding details of the Cozy Powell Tribute Concert on May 1st in Buxton, Derbyshire UK (about 30 miles SE of Manchester)…

From: Neil Murray (email withheld)
Date sent: Fri, 19 Mar 1999 03:37:42 -0600
Subject: Re: tribute concert

Hi Joe!

I’m in the process of organising part of the lineup and the song list for the Cozy Powell Tribute at Buxton Opera House on May 1st. At the moment, the band looks like this:

Tony Martin Vocals (Black Sabbath)
Don Airey Keyboards (Rainbow)
Neil Murray Bass
Mike Casswell Guitar (Cozy Powell solo album)
Bobby Rondinelli Drums (Rainbow, Black Sabbath) – almost definite

I’m hoping to approach again some of the more well-known musicians that Cozy worked with, such as Brian May, Tony Iommi, Richie Blackmore etc, who so far have either said that they’re not available or are waiting to see who else is on the bill.

We’ll be playing for about 30/40 minutes, and I believe the tickets are pretty expensive, so I’d understand if fans didn’t think there were enough star names to make it worth while, but we’re going to try and make sure that our section of it is good musically.

I will also probably play in another lineup featuring members of the Brian May Band and associated spin-offs, and there are various other musicians involved in the evening.

Sorry if I’ve not been very definite about this before, but it seemed that if I was going to do something on the night, I’d have to start organising it myself, which has taken a bit of time.

You can remove the usual bits and post this if you wish.
All the best,

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