Cozy Powell’s Final Work

There’s been some discussion as to what was actually Cozy Powell’s final work. I quiered a friend of his, Don Airey about this, and this is what Don had to say…

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Copy of e-mail sent in June. Cozy’s girlfriend Shari Reeve confirmed that the Colin Blunstone sessions were Cozy’s last work. If you don’t know, Colin was the lead singer of the Zombies in the 60s.



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From: Donald Airey <email withheld>
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Date: 24 June 1998 23:22
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Dear Joe,

Thanks for your e-mail re Cozy,s last recording. I can confirm that it was the forthcoming album by Colin Blunstone, called “The Light Inside”, which I produced and on which I play keyboards.

Cozy played on six tracks, which were as follows:-

1 Your Love is like the Sun(Nik Kershaw)
2. Walking in the Rain (Blunstone/Nye)
3. Losing You (Blunstone/Denys)
4. Hearts that Turn (Blunstone/Nye)
5. Till We Try Again(ditto)
6. Send me your Broken Hearts (Kershaw)

The sessions were over two days, Feb 6th (tracks 1-3), and Feb 10th (4-6) at Silvermere Sound in Surrey, with Sean Lynch who had worked with Cozy on Black Sabbath and Glen Tipton albums, and Cozy’s own “The Drums are Back”, engineering. After the first day I phoned my wife and told her it was as though someone had turned the light on. His musicianship was faultless, he was full of ideas vis a vis the arrangements of the songs, and there were large helpings of his unique good humour. He phoned me several times afterwards to offer help and encouragement, the last call being the night of the accident. We had just started mixing a track with him on next day when the terrible news came through – you can imagine the effect it had on everyone, and how scarcely credible it seemed. There is a dedication on the sleeve note which reads – “Losing You”(track 12) is dedicated to Cozy Powell whose brilliance lit up these his last recording sessions. The light shines on”.

If you need any more info let me know. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes
Don Airey

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