Cozy Powell Site Moving

When I first set up this web site with Cozy Powell, we had a one year agreement for its existence. Unfortunately, Cozy left us during that year, and the fees that were incurred from the web host were graciously picked up for another year by a few of Cozy’s friends. However, that ran out on December 31, 1999. As we move into 2000, I find I can no longer pay for the domain myself out of my own pocket (I’m not rich here). Anyway, I did not want the site to die because I could no longer afford to pay it. I had two choices. I could either come to you, the site visitor to help pay for the site, or I could find some alternate hosting idea.  Well, I have found an alternate. Brad Wernicke of the PC gaming site 3D Portal (who is a personal friend of mine), has decided to host the site for me. I’m gracious to Brad for this, and it will mean that the Cozy Powell site will live on. Special thanks go out to Brad for this favor!

Y2K Issue with Forums

Furthermore, I noticed that the software I was using for the Cozy Powell web forums is not Y2K compliant, and as such, if you post any messages after 12:01AM on January 1, 2000, they will not show up, because the software thinks they’re 1900, and unfortunately, the software will only show messages back as far as 100 days. I am going to be installing a new version of the software on the new server – so when we move, the forums should work fine again. Messages posted after Jan 1, 2000 should show up on the new server when I get that software running, but I’m not 100% sure about that, so I recommend against posting messages until we’re moved over to the new server.

Thanks for your interest in the site, and I intend on keeping it going as long as I can!

UPDATE JAN 5th: Well, the move went much faster than I anticipated – it’s all moved over and set up on the new server. If you’re seeing this, than you are all set up correctly for the new home of the Official Cozy Powell Site.

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