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Once again it’s been far too long since I updated this site, but I wanted to thank the folks who were generous in helping out to pay for the domain registration. It doesn’t seem like it that Cozy has been gone now for over four years -but it has. I wish to thank him again for seeking me out to help establish a web presence. Unfortunately Cozy left us before we could really ramp it up (Cozy had some big plans for video and audio files and the like), but I keep it going as it was because this is what Cozy and I had done together. It isn’t much, I admit – but it is something that Cozy & I put together, so for that reason alone, I probably will never change the site design. 🙂

Cozy Wins Best Drummer Poll

One of Cozy’s final projects was to drum for the Yngwie Malmsteen band. To that, the Yngwie website conducted a poll to see who was the favorite drummer/keyboardist/etc.. In the drummer poll, Cozy won by a landslide, beating out the closest competition (Anders Johansson) by 27% of the vote.

Rainbow Book Available

There is a very cool book out now which will definitely be of interest to Cozy Powell fans. It’s called “Rainbow Rising: The Story of Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow”. Cozy spent a good number of years in Rainbow, and is on several of their albums, so Cozy’s part in the book is more than just a page or two. The book is obviously slanted towards Ritchie, as Rainbow was his band, but there’s plenty of Cozy stuff in here. Here’s what I wrote about the book over on my Black Sabbath site:

This is a very cool book – follows the story of Rainbow from it’s genesis with Ritchie Blackmore’s discontent in Deep Purple, through the Dio years, the Bonnet years, as well as the Joe Lynn Turner years. It briefly touches on the Purple reunion of the 80’s, as well as Ritchie’s attempt to reform Rainbow after he left the Purple Reunion in the early 90’s. It also talks to Ritchie’s playing the Renaissance Faire style of music he plays now.

You can buy it via either of the links shown here. If you buy it with these links, it helps support the site and keeps it going. Make sure to check it out!

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