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As you can see, it’s been nearly four years since I last updated anything on this website. In fact, this page doesn’t really qualify as “news” anymore because of that. However… As I’ve said before, this site does mean something to me personally as Cozy Powell sought me out to do it. In August of 2006 roughly nine years after Cozy first approached me, I felt the time was right to change the look a bit. What was here was terribly stale and out of date, and while I’m not offering much in the way of new information here, I did want to make the info that was here a little more pleasing to the eye, yet keep the simple design that Cozy & I worked on all those years ago. I’ve been thinking about this for awhile, and the basic graphic work has been done for ages, but finding the time was an issue, plus I waffled on changing the look, but I decided to keep the structure, yet change the look a bit. Hopefully you like it.

I’m also going to try and update with some new stuff. In the couple of years (sigh) since my last update, I’ve gotten a few submissions here and there. I still have them, so I’m going to try and get to them before too long. But I wanted to get the update online first. The pictures pages and the forums need to have their look changed to match too – that should be done by the weekend.

It seems quite weird that Cozy’s been gone this long. But our old friends Tony Martin & Glenn Tipton have kept Cozy’s drum work out there.

Tony Martin’s Scream

As you probably have heard by now, Cozy Powell makes an appearance on a “new” track. It’s the song “Raising Hell” from Tony’s 2005 solo album, “Scream”. Cozy had recorded some drum tracks for Tony to use in future albums when they were working together in Cozy Powell’s Hammer back in 1992. Raising Hell is one of these tracks, finally seeing release 13 years later. Here’s a few words from Tony Martin regarding Cozy’s appearance on Scream, and some of the work Tony had to do to the drum tracks he had:

Apart from the drums!!!!! That was different…. Obviously Cozy isn’t around to re-play stuff so I had to use the computer to make that work. The original drum track was not bad but I needed to get a chorus into a different place in one part and the cymbles were a little distorted in places so I had to repeat parts of the drum track to get what the song needed. It took a LONG time to acheive, mostly because it was important to keep the integrity of the drum track, and also his name. But apart from THAT!!! I also had to try and match the Cozy track to the rest of the album, in fact I neded up matching th ealbum to Cozy’s track, Raising Hell became the benchmark for the rest of the songs. So It took a long time to finish.

There are another 22 Cozy tracks I could work with, the one I mentioned on my site is still around but i had to leave it off this album, I just wasn’t happy with the lyrics. I wanted to use it as Cozy heard it but to honest it sounds wrong!!! So I’d like to work on that one longer before I release it on you guys.

The other track Tony refers to is one called “Wings of Thunder”. Wings was announced by Tony on his site some time ago, but it did not make the final cut of the album, as he said above. If you haven’t picked up this album yet, you should. It’s a killer album, and the inclusion of Cozy is the icing on the cake. You can buy it with the order links here:

[ Buy Scream from | Buy Scream from ]

Glenn Tipton’s “Edge of the World”

That’s not the end of it. Back in 1996, Judas Priest guitarist Glenn Tipton released an album entitled “Baptizm of Fire”. On it Cozy Powell played the majority of the drums. What most fans did not know is that this was the second album Glenn recorded with Tony around this time. A second album was recorded, but has remained unreleased until now, 2006. This album is called “Edge of the World”. Here’s a few words from Glenn about Edge…

“Back in ’96 when I approached Atlantic Records regarding my first solo album, the majority of the songs featured Cozy Powell on drums and John Entwistle on bass guitar. The label liked the material but suggested that the line up was a little ‘old school’ and that I should work with some younger musicians and blend the new tracks in to give the album a more modern feel. This I did as I had very little choice at the time and in all honesty a very good album emerged which became my first release – ‘Baptizm Of Fire’.

However, deep down inside I knew that the first batch of songs included some of the finest playing from two of the most talented and legendary musicians that I have ever worked with! Rhino/Warners heard the tracks recently and agreed that this album had to see the light of day!!

Tragically, both Cozy and John are no longer with us, as I’m sure everyone will know, and this album is a tribute to their unique styles and skills and a small part of the immense legacy they have left behind which will continue to inspire people all over the world for many years to come.”

What else is cool about this album is that all profits from it are being donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust charity. So if you have not bought yourself a copy of this album, you should. Not only will you get some great tunes, you’ll be helping out someone in need. Click on the cover art shown here to order a copy from (it does not seem to be available at Amazon’s UK site).

As a bonus, you can head on over to this link at where you can listen to song samples.

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