NaNaNa – The Official Cozy Powell Newsletter

NaNaNaNewsletter was the official newsletter for Cozy Powell. Every issue will contain news, reviews of recent CDs he has appeared on and a spotlight on a particular area of his long and varied career. Issue 1 takes a look at Cozy’s solo RAK singles, detailing rarities even Cozy hasn’t seen. Future issues will take Sabbath, Rainbow, Jeff Beck and many others in turn and in depth, hopefully to include relevant interviews.

The newsletter costs รบ1 + A4 SAE + 2 IRC, or if you want to send cash, it is $4 (USA $) (inc. p&p). There are 3-4 issues out a year, and each issue will add a spotlight on a session / section. eg the RAK single in issue 1.


Unfortunately, shortly after Joe Geesin started the newsletter, Cozy passed away. Due to this, Joe Geesin felt that it was best not to continue the newsletter, but did publish this very nice tribute to a good friend, Cozy Powell.

Some of the items in the tribute include info on Cozy’s final recordings with Colin Blumstone, views on some his latter albums, as well as tributes and thoughts from Joe himself, Neil Murray, & Don Airey.

A very fitting tribute to a very cool musician. If you would like more information on obtaining this tribute, you can contact Joe Geesin at

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