Joe Geesin

I’d never heard of Cozy Powell until a friend played me the Rainbow Rising album. That LP, particularly the track “A Light In The Black” turned me onto not only rock music, but also record collecting. I heard it and immediately looked at who played on it thinking “I must have more!”. Cozy’s drumming and his music had an uplifting and adrenalin inducing effect on me from the word go. An instant fan, I soon built up an impressive collection and wealth of information. When I got to interview him for a magazine, it was like meeting God. An Idol. I soon found out that as well as living life like he played the drums, he was also friendly, thoughtful and easy going. We soon became friends, and when I offered to start up a fanzine/newsletter, he was not only pleased but enthusiastic. He took a day off from recording with Brian May to see me about it, and his co-operation second to none. We met several times and he phoned me every week to keep me informed. On hearing of his tragic accident I was devastated. I hadn’t just lost a drummer and idol, but also a friend and colleague. I am still in a state of shock. His last phonecall to me, when he spoke of his enthusiasm of going back on the road with Brian after dissappointingly missing the Yngwie tour will stay with me forever. I will continue to put out the newsletter, not just as a tribute, but also as I feel there is so much to the man and his music the story cannot end just yet. A friend has gone, but his music will live on for me and many others for a long time. A very long time.

Joe Geesin ran the Official Cozy Powell Newsletter, NaNaNa.

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